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The beginnings of glasses development as a tool for reading are registered in old Egypt, there is a record preserved that was written by Seneca, which says: „Letters, even very small or unclear are bigger and more distinct while looking through a glass full of water“. The glasses that you will find on the following pages are primarily designed for work. Their function is to protect the eye area or even part of face. If you need full face protection you may choose from a wide selection of shields also available.

Progress especially of the last few years in the design area of advanced work protective glasses has moved forward significantly. There is no reason to be embarrassed to wear such work glasses and in many cases it is not possible to recognise some versions of safety glasses from those used for sport purposes.

We provide glasses for work in many different environments, notice the materials the eye pieces are made of. For example polycarbonate eye pieces provide higher protection against impact which is particularly appreciated by workers in the machinery, building or similar industries where flying chippings or objects can present a hazard. We offer glasses with UV filter protection and protection against scratching or moisture condensation, with yellow, dark, smoke or mirror eye pieces. For safety glasses to fit everyone some models have length or angle adjustable arms.

Also notice available aaccessories, cases or cleaning cloths that protect your glasses against abrasion and ensure longer service.


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